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January 25, 2010

Copper causes Alzheimer's in people over 50

London: Copper pipes should not be used as water supply lines as a new study has found that it leads to build up of metal in body, increasing the risk of Alzheimer's, heart diseases & diabetes in people over 50.

Researchers at University of Michigan in US found that traces of copper from pipes mix with tap water, which is then consumed by people.

As our body cannot process the metal, it gets accumulated and over a period of time leads to major health problems like Alzheimer's in later age, according to the study that appeared in the American Chemical Society's Toxicology journal.

Pointing out that Alzheimer's and heart diseases are made worse by excess copper & iron, lead researcher George J Brewer said, "the toxicities are so general that they are a looming public health problem in diseases of ageing & in the ageing process itself."

Brewer also warned that those people, whose copper intake is high, lose their brain function at over three times the normal rate if they also eat a relatively high fat diet.

The researchers suggested that people over 50 should avoid vitamin and mineral pills that contain cooper & iron, reduce meat intake & avoid drinking water from copper pipes.

They should also donate blood regularly to reduce iron levels & take zinc supplements to lower copper levels.

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