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February 28, 2010

Online Therapy For Office Stress

Beating the Blues, a program for online therapy is to be introduced to the public for all those people who 've a lot of stress with their jobs. This program is expected to revolutionise how the companies deal with the stress during the job. This program actually offers online therapy & counselling for people who are stressed out with their jobs or simply depressed.

This program is considered to be the best treatment for a lot of disorders & trauma and the therapy that is used is called the cognitive behavioral therapy. It is actually available throughout for 3 months which is the trial period for the organizations & it is hoped that it would help all the stressed workers who had really been affected by the recession.

When the whole country seems to be struggling, holding onto a job & also not knowing what would happen in the future will stress anybody out & when you 've no idea about how secure things are makes it even worse. This was also a better way as you don’t 've to wait & there is also the advantage of not needing to face a therapist.

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Unknown said...

What a perfect idea! This is fantastic for office workers who sometimes reach a point in their day where they practically need a therapist or someone that can help them get all the stress out of their minds. Companys should really understand that this is a successful Cognitive therapy to assist employees with their behaviour issues and mood changes. Some workers might seem temperamental but that usually has to do with the situation the have to face every day at work. I believe that this is a slow process but definitely works.

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